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If you want to get into Medical Communications (MedComms), securing a job offer can feel like a million miles away. As a job seeker, how can you hope to compete in a new industry when you have gaps or weaknesses and when rejection rarely includes feedback? That depends on your mindset.
In this webinar we'll explain the 3 steps to turn a worrying mindset into an effective job seeker's mindset, including how to change what you focus on, make decisions about and 'do' during the job hunting/applying process. 
Learn how to make your mindset work for you to overcome the barriers that stand between you and your new career in MedComms. I'll share the mindset model I use when coaching clients on job applications and interviews.
And we answer questions from the audience.
This masterclass is ideal for anyone who is looking for insights into MedComms as a career and how to maximise their chances of gaining an entry-level job. 
Created for FirstMedCommsJobs in Dec 2022
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In conversation with Peter Llewellyn

Katia in conversation with Peter Llewellyn

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