About me
"Katia's approach was very clear & effective; laying out an agenda so I knew what to expect & systematically going through each section to make sure we covered all bases and maximised the use of the time". FC

Mastery with Katia - my story...
I've been that frustrated CV-screener who put CVs in the 'No' pile because I couldn't link the applicant's experience to the job requirements. And working with clients at all stages of their careers, I've seen common application & interview mistakes repeated time and again.
But I know that it's not the applicant's fault. 
Because application & interview skills are different to in-job skills, so how do you gain them if you're not shown how? And you rarely learn why you're rejected, so how do you fix what you don't know?
You deserve specialist support to help you improve your chances. 
That's why I created Mastery with Katia. 
And I'm so lucky to have my dream job. 
I get to use my solid editorial and communications skills gained from a 20 year agency & publishing career to help clients stand out as better prepared candidates.
And I get to share my strengths as a performance coach - where I've spent £1000s to learn effective techniques to identify and overcome obstacles and get results quickly.
But most of all, I get to work with hard working professionals who deserve to do brilliantly in their careers but are finding their next career step a challenge. 
I get immense satisfaction from helping clients go from hesitant and unsure, to a credible candidate who is competitive but genuine, and I look forward to helping you too.
Katia Chrysostomou
What drives me (mad)
Seeing hard-working professionals waste time, risk rejection and miss opportunities by:
 Not tailoring CVs and cover letters
Underselling strengths and not addressing red flags
Applying to the wrong opportunities
Going to interviews without sufficient preparation
Trying to replicate cliched advice from books & blogs
Repeating same mistakes on different applications
Struggling on alone, with no idea of what is/isn't working
What drives me ... 
Showing hard-working professionals how they can compete as a better prepared candidate by:
 Analysing the job spec before writing the CV/Cover letter
Taking steps that other applicants skip or rush
Learning how to stand out with credible strengths and value
Planning how to achieve their goals and overcome setbacks
Building employability skills that boost career progression
Showcasing strengths without feeling fake or false
Transforming from hesitant and unsure to a credible candidate that's genuinely them ... but super competitive​​​​​​​
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